Woman Calls NBC 6 Responds After Car Insurance Doesn’t Pay – NBC 6 South Florida

Katya Galbis has said it took her more than six months to repair her car after a car accident – and said the delay was not her fault.

Instead, she said a problem with the other driver’s insurance was responsible for the delay.

“I’m the loser here,” Galbis said.

The nutritionist, who has made appearances on our sister network Telemundo, had an accident in September. The accident report says the other driver failed to stop and was cited for reckless driving.

But Galbis said while she wasn’t at fault, getting the other driver’s insurance to pay for her repairs wasn’t easy.

“Meanwhile, I call and say, ‘What’s the status of my case?'” Galbis said.

She immediately called the other driver’s insurer, United Automobile Insurance Company.

“The first thing they did was send me a letter saying my case was being investigated and it would take 60 days or more. If I wanted to fix my car faster… they recommended going to my insurance,” Galbis said.

She said she didn’t want to file a claim with her insurance because she wasn’t at fault.

In January, she received a letter stating that the company had completed its investigation and was denying coverage due to the policyholder’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation.

“I was like, why are you waiting for this lady to make a report since you already have a police report?” Galbis said.

Galbis is not alone in reporting claims resolution issues with United Automobile Insurance Company. A look at the Better Business Bureau’s website shows people with similar complaints. One person wrote: ‘They were found guilty but UAIC hasn’t repaired my vehicle since.’ Another person wrote: “I had comprehensive insurance and my car is still not fixed.

For Galbis, she said she kept calling the company until she finally reopened the case. The company agreed to pay $900 of the repair cost up front.

“That amount won’t even cover the paint job,” Galbis said.

She said the adjuster had promised that the rest of the money would be paid directly to the repair shop.

“Don’t worry, go to the shop, the body shop will take care of it and send us the amount they need to fix the car,” Galbis said.

After waiting a month for the insurance company to contact the repair shop, she called NBC 6 Responds and Telemundo 51 Responde for help.

After NBC 6 Responds contacted the company, a representative told us over the phone that an additional payment had been issued that day.

“I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t have your help,” Galbis said.

Via text, Galbis got confirmation from the insurance company that $3,903 had finally been sent to complete the repairs.

On the phone, the company representative told us that they do not make statements to the media. Although the insurer has complaints on the BBB website, it has responded to many complaints and received an “A” rating from the BBB.

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