Why Chase Potter’s Latest Single ‘How’ Is Worth Hearing –

By Galen Clark

2020 has been filled with tribulations and testing moments for many, but from all parts of the world one thing has remained resilient throughout the pandemic for those listening – empathy and connection.

For Ohio native Chase Potter, who has been making music since he was 5, this time and channeled empathy provided a solution rather than a problem in the form of the inspiration for his latest single How can be tired and tiring when sometimes nothing gives you back – and for Potter in How, he emphasizes vulnerability with a message that so many of us can relate to.

Potter said How was written during the early stages of the COVID lockdown in 2020 and reflects the different emotions that came with the quarantine. These diverse emotions grab you instantly in the form of broad classical acoustic guitar strumming and flatpicking riffs, an authentic vocal style with rich harmony, and a mystical violin medley that weaves in and out of the song, further lulling you into a tangible narrative.

There is an introspective irony in how relatable and realistic Potter’s experience is, as he said, “I found it so hard to make positive personal changes at such a stressful time, and kept telling myself that I would try to make small changes in my daily life to improve myself, but mostly without success.”

Pandemic aside, everyone can relate to this aspect of life – that fulfillment isn’t always about achieving a goal or manifesting a change in our lives that we’ve envisioned, but rather about consistent resilience and Determination to fall back to keep getting out of bed each day—to keep going in the face of adversity, challenges, and sometimes falling short or failing.

According to Potter, “How” is written out of frustration with this truth, but also a grudging acceptance that he carries this tendency, as do we all to some extent.

Hello Chase, welcome to VENTS! how have you been

All in all, I’m doing pretty well! I’ve spent a lot of time indoors and adopted a hibernation-focused lifestyle during these cold winter months.

Can you tell us more about your latest single How?

The “how” is about recognizing the parts of one’s character that they are unhappy with, while acknowledging a reluctance to make changes to do something about it. It’s really easy to say “I should do better” but much harder to put in the work to make it happen. That’s something I’ve always struggled with and I think it’s something we can all relate to in some way.

Did a specific event inspire you to write this song?

This song was written during the initial phase of the COVID lockdown in 2020. I was definitely going a little crazy and falling into a lot of unhealthy habits. Almost every day I said things like “I really need to exercise” or “I really need to eat better” but continued to be inactive and ate poorly.

How was the shooting process and the experience behind the video?

The video was super easy to make and I have to thank my girlfriend for helping me through the process. I knew I wanted it to be a minimal home video vibe with just me on a bed playing the song and I wanted to have two separate videos of me playing at the same time to showcase the two guitars and two vocals, carrying the song in the recording. Since the song was written at home during quarantine, I thought the video should have the same attitude and aesthetic. Being in bed comes with the chorus lyrics, “When will I get out of bed?”

How was the recording and writing process?

There are some songs that I spend a lot of time revising and perfecting, but this one came right out of me and I remember finishing it very quickly. I did all the recordings myself, which I really enjoy.

What role does Boston play in your music?

Going to conservatory in Boston and being surrounded by some of the best musicians in the world from all styles and walks of life was so inspiring and I’m still so grateful for the experience. I can safely say that the friends I made during this time and the things I learned were absolutely crucial in shaping my perspective and vision as a musician.

Does the new single mean we can expect new material – how is that coming along?

It means we can expect new material! In fact, I’ve completed a full album entitled Hitchhike To Oblivion. This is the first single from the album and two more singles will be released at later dates after this release before the album is dropped.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

The album will probably be released in early summer.

What else is happening in Chase Potter’s world?

Nothing big, mostly staying inside and patiently waiting for it to be warm outside and I can get vaccinated. Luckily I’ve had quite a bit of work doing remote recording sessions for people, so that keeps me busy. If anyone out there reading this likes the sound of the guitars and strings on this song, I can make that happen for you on your track wherever you live in the world! (The shameless self-promotion is real.)

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