What is a death doula? – Find out everything you need to know


Just as birth doulas are there to guide the birthing process, death doulas are similar – except that they are there to provide support at the end of life. Death doulas are hired to help a dying person, but they provide more than company and aid to families and loved ones.

Death doulas offer a range of services, but each person’s situation and case is unique. Depending on the circumstances, they can help with the emotional and caring side as well as with the grieving process or help in the business area, such as handling a funeral.

For example, when a death doula is helping a dying person, it can mean being by their side physically, talking about end-of-life desires, answering questions, and more.

And when helping the dying person’s family, death doulas can help with basic homework to make life a little less stressful. They are also capable of mediating in complicated conversations, serving as a resource in funeral planning and possible estate arrangements, and assisting living loved ones in dealing with death by assisting with a dignified farewell or eulogy.


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