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Tylersport, Pennsylvania — (SBWIRE) — 08/03/2022 — In short, general liability insurance protects businesses against general claims involving property damage and bodily injury resulting from business products, services, or operations. Although this definition may seem simple, USMC Insurance, managing general agent, explains that the coverage offered by commercial general liability insurance for contractors is much more nuanced than that. Here the company describes exactly what is covered by this commercial insurance policy.

A general liability insurance policy could help a business stay afloat even if it causes bodily injury to a customer, client, or bystander. These incidents typically include slips and falls, but can also include a customer tripping over a contractor’s tools or something similar. In the event that a personal injury claim is filed against a small business, the general liability policy will cover the individual’s medical expenses, ensuring that the business does not incur these high costs.

In addition to bodily injury, professional liability insurance covers claims related to property damage. If an employee causes an accident resulting in property damage, such as a broken window in a client’s home, the policy will cover the repair costs.

Finally, general liability insurance covers legal costs related to bodily injury and publicity damage. If a business sues another business for slander, defamation, or copyright infringement, the insured can breathe easy knowing that all defense costs and settlements will be properly handled.

Just as important as noting what is covered by general liability insurance, it is equally important to recognize what is not covered. Professional liability insurance does not cover employee injuries, car accidents, punitive damages, intentional acts or employee errors. If policyholders have questions about what is covered (or not) by their insurance, they should discuss this with their insurance company.

USMC Insurance recommends that insureds read their policies carefully to ensure they understand what is covered and what is not. If they need help getting commercial liability coverage that meets their needs, business owners can visit for assistance.

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