Trump Considered ‘Repainting’ Private Plane To Look Like Air Force One, According To ‘Peril’ Book

Former US President Donald Trump had considered repainting his private Boeing 757 aircraft to look like Air Force One, then flying it across the United States in an attempt to “taunt” rival Joe Biden, the forthcoming book “Peril” written by Detective Bob Woodward and Robert Costa revealed. The idea of ​​”repainting” his private jet was propelled by the former president to his fellow golfers. “I’m thinking of repainting it red, white and blue. I like it Air Force One, the way I think Air Force One should look, ”Trump reportedly said in the book during the golf session.

Trump said Americans “love this plane,” adding that he doesn’t “do the business jet thing.” I’m not going to appear in a small Gulfstream as a ***** CEO. ”

Later in the book, a copy of which was obtained by Insider ahead of its September 21 release, it is revealed that Trump lobbied for an Air Force One makeover request in the February 2020 budget for the fiscal year. 2021, asking to have the plane “repainted”. The Pentagon’s budget provided for $ 800.9 million for the “VC-25B Presidential Plane Recapitalization Program.” It also involved replacing the Air Force One aircraft with two new modified Boeing 747-8s, in line with the former Trump administration’s defense budget request during his tenure.

Trump demanded that Air Force One be painted white in the upper half, blue in the lower third, and a red streak in the middle, which “would provide the president, staff and guests with safe and reliable air travel at the same time. time. level of security and communication capability available at the White House. According to reports, the plane’s light blue and white scheme was designed by former President Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Trump said USS Gerald R Ford ‘just doesn’t look good’

The authors of “Peril” revealed that Trump was obsessed with the aesthetics and design of the USS Gerald R. Ford, a US Navy aircraft carrier, and told military officials that the Navy supercarrier ship “‘Just doesn’t look good’. I know the aesthetic, ”he reportedly said in the book, adding:“ Can’t you tell? The former commander-in-chief also expressed disappointment with the ship’s more than $ 13 billion in maintenance and wanted to revamp the ship’s weapon elevators, catapults and the location of the known flight command center. under the name of the ship’s “island”.

“Generals and admirals were horrible businessmen,” Trump complained, according to the book, adding that the military “always gets ripped off.” He told military generals, “I know elevators. If water gets in, the ship’s elevators could malfunction. He asked officials to “go to MIT to figure out how this damn thing works,” as he complained about the new system designed to work better with it. steam catapults.

Image: AP

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