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Social Contribution Activities

Fortunately from someone other than ourselves

Toyota’s founding principle is to want people to be happy and their hometown to be prosperous.

We will continue to be committed to ‘producing happiness for all’ by realizing a society in which everyone can live vigorously and with an enriched spirit.

We will approach various social issues as our own by ‘genchi genbutsu(go to the sources to find out the facts) “and for problems that we cannot solve ourselves, we will work with partners who share our aspiration for the future.


Responding to the spread of COVID-19 infections

Express our gratitude and support by making vinyl dresses and masks

To date, around 32,000 employees have participated in volunteer activities in local communities and other areas, but various activities have been canceled after the first wave of COVID-19. In response to feedback from school childcare and social services that it is difficult to get masks, we have resumed volunteer activities that can be done at home. In April 2020, employees and their families made around 35,000 fabric masks and delivered them to institutions with handwritten messages saying “We’d like you some energy!”.
As a token of our gratitude and support for the doctors and nurses who work day and night, we donated a total of 1,600 plastic gowns to the medical association and social welfare organizations in December.

We will continue to do everything we can even when we are far away.

Online private lessons from professional musicians will bring a smile to children’s faces

Because many children were unable to participate in activities such as playing along in marching bands, we conducted online private lessons with professional orchestra teachers for elementary school through college students so they could relive the joy and wonder of music.

Participants were nervous at first but gradually got used to the professional performers they saw on screen and started asking them questions about the performance points. We received a lot of encouraging responses such as “I was able to work hard with this lesson as my goal” and “My awareness of playing the instrument has increased”.

Cultural activities are an important way to foster a rich mind and creativity and for people to communicate across generations.
As new lifestyles take hold, we will continue our activities to create excitement through the power of music and art.

Provide free and safe transportation for everyone Mobility for everyone

Everyone, including people with disabilities, children and the elderly, can move around as they please. This is Toyota’s vision for the future of society.

In 2020 we launched the “Mobile Toilet” project as an initiative to promote freedom of movement outside of the car.

One of the reasons people with disabilities, such as wheelchair users, are reluctant to go outside is that there aren’t enough accessible toilets. In response to this problem, we worked with LIXIL Corporation, which has expertise in toilets and accessible design, to develop a mobile accessible toilet. We would like to expand their excursions, such as participating in various events and watching sports, by being able to move and install the toilet freely by towing it.

Traffic accidents are also one of the factors that restrict freedom of movement. In order to achieve a society without traffic accidents, we have been supporting children’s traffic education with children’s picture books and safety courses since the 1960s, and we have made motorists and pedestrians aware of safe driving through our own programs.

Cars are an essential means of transportation for the elderly. However, the number of car accidents is increasing. We have trained seniors so that they can drive safely for a long time.
We will continue to contribute to the realization of a safe mobility society through up-to-date activities.

The aim of a society in which the diversity of nature and man is fully exploited Harmonious society

A society in which different people play an active role and support one another. A society in which people live in harmony with other living beings based on the knowledge that people are part of the ecosystem. Both are examples of the symbiotic society Toyota seeks to create where diversity is fully exploited.

With the development of the economy, people have become wealthier, but at the same time they have also polluted the global environment. Global warming has become visible in the form of torrential rains and frequent forest fires and affects all living things.

We have developed activities that are tailored to the realities of each country and region, but now we are focusing on environmental education in order to further deepen awareness of the global environment in a critical situation and to raise the awareness of employees and people of several generations change change. At the Forest of Toyota in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, we are implementing programs to give people a sense of biodiversity, such as:

We also strive for a future in which we respect diversity and support one another in human society.

The philosophy of the Special Olympics (SO), which supports athletes with intellectual disabilities, is “a world without barriers, open to everyone, in which people respect differences as individualities”. Toyota takes this philosophy with it and supports the activities of SO to convey the attractiveness of an inclusive society to people all over the world.

Promotion of the ability to lead an enriched life as a person for the future Human wealth development

Monozukuri(Doing things) begins with human development.
This is Toyota’s philosophy of education and people development that has been passed down since the company was founded. We continue our efforts to develop human resources that pave the way for the future of monozukuri.

With the aim of showing children the joy of learning and the importance of monozukuri, we have been organizing a science craft course for elementary school students since 1996 with the title “The Jack-in-the-Boxes of Science! What / Why Lectures “.

The newly introduced “Fuel Cell Vehicle” class offers an easy-to-understand introduction to the technology of the hydrogen-powered “Mirai”. You will be able to build a fuel cell out of everyday objects and try to run a radio controlled car that runs on hydrogen.

The instructors are Toyota volunteer employees who are normally involved in the research, development and design of cars, and the program was developed by them. By trial and error monozukuripromotes the concentration of the participants and motivates their creativity and innovation.

We will continue to contribute to children who will lead the future by offering participatory educational programs.

Human AssetsWe believe that every person is unique and has an irreplaceable role to play, and our goal is to nurture that potential.

(Educational activities p.18-20 / Mécénat activities p.21-24)

Creating a better society through close connections with the community Community design

Renting vehicles in disaster areas Our logo is placed on the vehicles to facilitate activities in the disaster areas. Remove sludge from gutters

As a company that works with local communities, it is vital for Toyota to work to solve local problems. In order to make these efforts sustainable, we believe it is important to harness Toyota’s resources, including its technologies and expertise.

In 2018 we launched TDRS (Toyota Disaster Recovery Support) to see if we could make a contribution to mobility in the face of frequent natural disasters. We are working on renting vehicles, supporting overnight evacuation in vehicles and training volunteer coordinators for disasters.

After the torrential rains in July 2020, we worked with local dealers in Kumamoto Prefecture and other areas to rent vehicles and help run the Disaster Volunteer Center.
We will continue to work closely with local communities to seek recovery and reconstruction as early as possible.

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Hoping to meet many people struggling with smiles on their faces (sMiLES)

Just as we think about building better and better cars, we want to think about creating better and better communities and an increasingly better future. These documentaries introduce people who face social problems, struggle with smiles on their faces and face challenges for our future.

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