This organization aims to address the challenges of studying abroad

The advantages of studying abroad have been described for many years with words like these: “It will change your life!” And “You will come back as a new person!”. But the exact long-term benefits were unknown. The positive effects of stays abroad can now be proven with statistics.

● 6,20,156 students went abroad to study in 2019.

● 97% of foreign university students found employment within 12 months of graduation, while only 49% of university graduates found employment in the same period. That means they are twice as likely to find a job.

● 95% of students stated that studying abroad serves as a catalyst for greater maturity.

● 96% said they had increased self-confidence.

● 75% said they had acquired skills that influenced their future career path.

This underlines the clear advantages of studying abroad. However, studying abroad brings critical challenges like finding the right universities, skipping hurdles for student visa, getting an education loan, finding scholarships, finding student dormitories … the list goes on.

The need of the hour is a single organization to deal with all of these problems. Adventum Student Living (ASL) aims to close this gaping gap in the study abroad industry. ASL offers students an optimized and more reliable process to realize their educational dreams abroad.

Their first product is a global college dorm market place called UniAcco. UniAcco is a cross-border prop-tech company that aggregates private student accommodation on its online platform. UniAcco’s business model is such that the company works on the supply side with private student dormitory providers and lists them on its website, while on the demand side it connects students looking for fully furnished accommodation.

UniAcco currently has over 5,000,000 beds in 1,500 accommodations in 7 of the most popular university locations. We are continuously expanding our portfolio with additional properties in order to support even more students with their housing needs.

UniAcco uses innovative product solutions such as paperless cross-border compliance, 360 ° property viewing; advanced algorithmic, matrix-like scouting index to meet specific student needs; Optimized sales models to ensure students have a hassle-free accommodation search. UniAcco’s ‘Compare’ function enables students to find more than 5,000,000 beds based on 80+ parameters such as “room types”, “facilities”, “location”, “distance to university”, “benefits”, “perks” and more to compare find their ideal accommodation.

Adventum Student Living also offers college student education loans through its UniCreds education loan division. To keep up with the marketplace model, UniCreds is an online education loan marketplace that is the most convenient way for students to find lenders offering a variety of education loans. UniCreds leverages the power of AI and data science to enable students to find the best educational loans based on their overall profile.

Many tools are available on the UniCreds platform such as the EMI calculator, creditworthiness tool, SOP review tool, and repayment tool. UniCreds has worked with some of the leading lenders in the industry such as HDFC Credila, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank,

Avanse Financial Services and many others. Expect the lowest interest rates on loans at UniCreds, flexible repayment options, professional education loan advice, 24/7 service, no collateral requirements, no margin money, etc.

Sayantan Biswas, co-founder of ASL, explains: “Students going abroad rely heavily on student loans to finance their education abroad. Current channels for identifying, selecting and applying for educational loans are quite fragmented to the disappointment of students. UniCreds aims to alleviate this problem by providing students with a single portal for all of their student loan needs. After taking out an education loan, students usually look for their housing.

UniAcco offers students an end-to-end accommodation service, mainly due to our growing portfolio of over 5,000,000 beds in 1,500 accommodations in top student countries. The main goal of ASL is to create a one-stop shop for all the needs and requirements of international students. “

The latest offering from Adventum Student Living is UniScholarz. UniScholaz works as an online scholarship marketplace where students can apply for scholarships from leading companies and educational institutions.

The idea of ​​UniScholarz is to provide students with all international scholarships in one place. Students can find over 300 unique scholarship programs covering popular college destinations such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and over 40 other countries.

Thanks to UniAcco, Advenum Student Living has become a one-stop shop for students who want to study abroad. UniCreds and now UniScholarz. In addition, all of these companies offer free student services.

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