Thieves Target Hill Bike Shop Bankers Multiple Times – NBC 7 San Diego

A local bicycle shop is warning neighbors of a trend of bicycle theft.

A thief broke into Uptown Bicycles in Bankers Hill on Thursday evening. This is the fourth time the store has been broken into in the past two years. The latest burglary was caught on surveillance video.

“It really seemed like he knew what he was doing. The same with the other break-ins, they knew something about the bikes, ”said Corey Jameson, service manager at Uptown Bicycles.

Video of the heist shows a young man wearing a mask. He broke a window near the main entrance. The thief is seen seizing a bicycle worth about $ 1,000 and within seconds he left the store through the window he smashed.

Uptown Bicycles has been broken into four times in the past two years.

“We probably had over $ 100,000 in total in stolen bikes,” said Jameson.

An insurer dropped coverage for Uptown after a recent theft claim, forcing the bike shop to find a new insurer.

Recent data from the San Diego Association of Governments shows that property crime is on the rise in San Diego County. In the first half of 2021, bicycle thefts increased by 13%

“A lot more people are riding their bikes and at the same time people are more desperate because of the pandemic. Bikes are easy to steal, easy to hide, easy to transport, ”Jameson said.

Following the break-ins, Uptown Bicycles has stepped up its security and is considering further improvements. Uptown managers hope their experience inspires San Diego residents to take bike theft seriously.

“We would love to get our bike back, but that’s not the biggest deal. I would like to bring exposure to the matter. I know a lot of people are kind of ignorant about this, ”Jameson said.

Insurance covers the cost of stolen bikes, but due to global supply chain issues, it has been difficult to get replacement bikes shipped to San Diego.

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