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KOCHI: Schools are preparing strategies to start online teaching from June 1st. However, CBSE schools had already started teaching students in grades IX, X and XII with the help of various platforms including Zoom. This was a new experience for the teachers who previously could only teach in a classroom atmosphere. “It’s tough,” said Bino Joseph, who teaches math to Class XII students at Marian Senior Secondary School in Kottayam.

However, the training we received on how to use the smart classroom has proven useful, she said. According to her, one of the disadvantages of online teaching is the lack of a classroom atmosphere.

“In a classroom, students unconsciously prepare for class. Even teachers can easily see if students have understood a concept,” said Bino. With online classes, you have to trust that students will surely contact you if they have any doubts, she added.

“I have observed that many students are taking online classes with all seriousness. In my case, all the students regularly signed up for the sessions,” she said. “Try to explain geometry or analytic geometry using just a pen, paper, or whiteboard while speaking into a microphone and checking that you have an internet connection. Then you realize it’s not child’s play,” said Bino.

In their opinion, online classes in the humanities can be easily conducted. “For science subjects, the teaching process is not lecture-based. The concepts must be explained with the help of teaching aids and through experiments. That doesn’t happen during an online class,” she said. Bino complements her classes with short videos that explain concepts.

“After class, I send short videos of the concept via WhatsApp. Ever since I’ve been teaching my students in class XI, I’ve known who got the idea and who didn’t. So I send the weak students additional study materials along with notes,” she said. In her opinion, online lessons will only be a success if the students take the exercise seriously.

“Another factor that plays an important role is parental involvement. Without their help, we teachers cannot conduct online classes. They have to monitor their children,” Bino said. She was also full of praise for the school, which has helped teachers tremendously in the transition to online teaching. “We are trained to conduct online courses. The CBSE has also issued instructions in this regard,” said Bino. Regarding taking online tests, she said: “I’ve already taken a test and I think it was successful. The students showed up for the test and sent me the answers via WhatsApp. Well, the question of cheating arises. But you should know that those who want to cheat will do so in an exam hall.”

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