“The installation by Matka Chowk symbolizes freedom and contributes to the beauty of City Beautiful”

Dr. Sandeep Goyal, the man behind the newly inaugurated installation at Matka Chowk, opens up for The Indian Express about his Chandigarh associate.

Dr. Goyal, 58, is a philanthropist living in Mumbai who presented the idea of ​​the artwork “Murmurations” to the Chandigarh Heritage Committee no less than twelve times over a period of two years. As an alumni of St. John’s School in Chandigarh, Goyal made his honor in English literature from DAV College. He later ventured into the advertising space in Mumbai, running advertising agencies such as Rediffusion and Dentsu. He also took over the management of Zee TV for several years as Group CEO.

How did the idea for the installation come about?

I grew up in this city. Yes, I had to move to New Delhi about four decades ago and later moved to Mumbai. But this city has always been close to my heart. When I returned to Chandigarh, I noticed how little the city had developed over the years. I felt that there was a lack of proactive efforts to beautify or beautify the city. The whole idea of ​​the artwork was to add something to the beauty of City Beautiful. So I dreamed of the installation “Murmurations”.

Please highlight the importance of the installation?

The installation is called ‘Murmurations’. As the name suggests, it is an artist’s rendering of a large flock of birds flying in formation. A murmur is a fascinating sight in my opinion. We see birds fly overhead and seamlessly change direction to defy the laws of nature. That’s where I drew my inspiration. A murmur stands for harmony and rhythm. Birds also represent freedom. This work of art symbolizes freedom. It has been powder coated on metal so it will stand the test of time. With proper care, it will last 10 years. It occupies an area of ​​200 sq ft. Approximately 5.5 tons of steel were used in the manufacture of this work of art. There are perforations in the birds that cut off the pressure of the wind. It also casts various shadow patterns on the chowk, which gives it a scenic look. It’s distinctive.

Could you think about the way to realize the installation?

I had submitted over a dozen designs to the Chandigarh Heritage Committee. Finally, the committee screened the list of proposals for the one draft for the “murmurations”. We finally got the green light from the UT consultant. The approval process took two years. I am delighted that the work of art was finally able to see the light of day. It was inaugurated. The occasion of the inauguration was honored by the presence of UT consultant Manoj Parida and his wife. Punjab DGP Dinkar Gupta was also present. I am overwhelmed with the realization of this project. It feels great to give something back to the city that I love.

Are there any future plans for the city?

The island in Lake Sukhna is the lake’s trademark. I’m in talks with UT advisor Manoj Parida to see if I can add value to the island. I am also founding the “Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret Forum”, a forum especially for those who admire the architectural and aesthetic beauty of Chandigarh.

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