Tax credits for farmers, Ag programming dollars for the community

Sep. 27—RUSH COUNTY — Harvest season is upon us. Farmers, did you know you could support the Rush County Community Foundation (RCCF) with a gift of grain? It’s true. RCCF has an account with all local elevators. At delivery, just decide the dollar amount or number of bushels you’d like to donate and complete a simple form.

Your donation qualifies for tax savings. A cash-basis farmer that contributes grain to RCCF does not include the sale of the crop in income, lowering self-employment, federal and state income taxes. (Please consult with your tax professional to make the best choice for your situation.)

Your gift supports the Rush County Ag Fund, which provides grants for nonprofit agricultural programs including educational training, youth farm programs and preservation of local ag history.

For more information on gifting grain, please reach out to your local elevator, or contact the RCCF at (765) 938-1177 or [email protected]

Download the donation form at:

Your generosity is “harvesting for the future of Rush County”.

-Information provided.

Contact Aaron Kirchoff at [email protected]

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