Ruff Start Rescue in Texas

Animal shelters are being overrun in the wake of the deadly winter storm that recently crippled Texas.

Twin Cities-based nonprofit organization Ruff Start Rescue is helping.

Ruff Start Rescue is transporting dogs from Houston and Laredo to the Twin Cities on March 7th, 20th and 27th.

The plan is to rescue around 120 to 130 dogs and send much-needed supplies like food and medicine downstairs. These are animals that might otherwise have to be euthanized because overcrowded and overwhelmed rescue workers in Texas have little choice.

The folks at Ruff Start Rescue hope to spread the word and gather volunteers who are willing to become foster families for these rescued animals.

Donations to the effort are also welcome.

To learn more about Ruff Start Rescue or to support his mission, visit his website at You can also visit the rescue’s Facebook page, which often shares live video.

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