Plea to have Malayalam actor Dileep waived bail in personal injury trial

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Plea to cancel Malayalam actor Dileep’s bail

Actor Dileep.  Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The prosecution in a personal injury case in Kerala has filed a motion for lead actor Dileep to be bailed.

According to sources, prosecutors alleged that Dileep, the eighth defendant in the case, is trying to influence the witnesses in the case and therefore the bail on Dileep should be overturned. The application is now pending at the local court.

A popular South Indian actress is said to have been kidnapped and sexually abused by a gang in February 2017 at the behest of Dileep. Dileep was arrested in connection with the case in July 2017 and released on bail under strict conditions in October of the same year.

However, when the trial on this case began earlier this year, several witnesses became hostile. This appears to have prompted prosecutors to turn to the court to request the bail waiver.

Special Prosecutor in the A Sureshan case allegedly applied for the bail waiver. He said the details could not be revealed as the case is under trial.

It was revealed that prosecutors alleged Dileep attempted to influence a prosecution witness who is said to have seen Dileep meet key defendants involved in the actor’s kidnapping.

Trial on the case was delayed when Dileep went to a high court to obtain his release, but was denied. The court case was also affected because of Covid-19.

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