Pamplin Media Group – 1921: Railway companies claim to be unfairly taxed

The Oregon Department of Corrections officially designated Ashwood Road and Dover Lane as possible sites for a new state prison 25 years ago


October 13, 1921

Separate lawsuits, to test the validity of the district, were filed against officers and directors of the Farmers Domestic Water District on Monday by a United States deputy marshal over complaints filed by both the Oregon Trunk and the Deschutes Railroads . Archie A. Murphy and AC Spencer signed the Deschutes Railroad complaint as an attorney and Carey & Kerr for the Oregon Trunk. It is claimed in the newspapers by both roads that they are unfairly taxed out of proportion to the value of their properties compared to properties more directly benefiting from the proposed district system.

As a result, local opinion is to a large extent confused. District directors obviously feel that they are on safe ground, a view in which they receive the approval of most of the community.

There is no doubt that the district was properly organized and conducted in accordance with the law. The validity of the district was once brought to the state Supreme Court and upheld.

Local people claim that the Deschutes Valley Domestic Water District operated just south of the Farmers Domestic Water District was built along the same lines as those proposed by the local district, including company land and property. railway line and that no protest was offered by them.

The Deschutes Railway runs through the Southern Gateway District some distance south of the North Madras Depot. The Oregon trunk runs along the edge of the Mecca district of Madras. The valuation of both roads is high in these sections, and they claim that they are forced to pay excessively heavy interest in the cost of the district.

The Farmers Domestic Water District board of directors is made up of AH Parkey, JC Sothman and CF Klann. Lewis H. Irving of Madras and Judge Wallace of Prineville are district attorneys.


October 17, 1946

Acting on a letter received Saturday from Kenneth W. Sawyer, director of the agriculture department of the Portland Chamber of Commerce, Guy F. Wade, secretary of the Madras Chamber, said members of his group will cooperate fully in a campaign, in October. Nov. 18-23, to step up consumption of Oregon potatoes and onions. Sawyer is well known here, having served as a Jefferson County Agricultural Officer for 10 years before taking over the Portland Chamber’s agricultural work.

“Here in central Oregon,” said Wade, “we will have to eat our own potatoes. We are in an area of ​​three counties – Jefferson, Deschutes and Crook – in which a quarantine zone has been. The regulations were established to prevent imports of potatoes from outside, which do not carry the rigid inspection certification. The potato trading district of central Oregon is the only large one in the nation to be free from bacterial ring rot. And we are going to have to eat Netted Gems from our own region, in order to help keep our fields free from disease. ”

Wade, however, observed that residents of central Oregon can eat onions from the outside. He cites that Jefferson County’s only onion production has been sold to dehydrators, and the onions are now being shipped out to supply households here. The text of Sawyer’s letter follows:

“We hope that this campaign, under the leadership of an advisory committee on food trades, will succeed in moving 1,000 wagons of potatoes and an equal number of wagons of onions. Some onions have already been thrown away, and still others will not be dug up at all. In the absence of a market, it is estimated that at least 1,000 wagons of potatoes must be moved immediately to avoid temporary storage and spoilage.

Promotional activities will consist of a statement from Governor Snell, a special newsletter and all Oregon newspaper releases from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, local press releases, special articles and images. in Portland newspapers, editorials and cartoons, radio ads, special orders by chain store organizations and independent food retailers, and promotional work from Chambers of Commerce. ”


October 14, 1971

Heavy damage to Charlie’s Pizza kitchen equipment resulted from a fire on Saturday afternoon. Ernie Walston, fire department chief for the northern unit’s rural fire protection district, said the blaze likely started because of the wiring under a small stove. No one was in the building at the time. A passing motorist sounded the alarm, the chief said. Structurally, the building suffered relatively little damage, but the front part of the pizzeria suffered significant smoke damage. Insurance coverage would have been adequate.


October 16, 1996

The Ashwood Road and Dover Lane sites in Jefferson County have been officially designated by the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) as sites for a new state prison, it was learned Monday.

DOC will build five large and two small penal institutions in the state by 2005. The proposed sites for medium security prisons were Baker City, Boardman, Madras and Umatilla. Mitchell and Redmond were appointed for minimum security labor camps; and Baker City and Tillamook County have been proposed for expansion of existing facilities.

Jefferson County Commissioners are hopeful that DOC will abandon the Dover Lane site in favor of the Ashwood site, but this is pending reports from engineers testing the Ashwood property.

The next step will be for a five-member selection authority, appointed by Governor Kitzhaber, to review officially appointed sites and hold public hearings. They will then recommend the final sites to the governor.

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