Online gambling platform takes over Binance-listed “FUN Token”, one of the world’s largest bitcoin gambling websites with over 41 million registered users and 52 million monthly visits, is introducing the FUN token to run its premium membership program, as reported in this January 29 press release.’s premium membership program will start this program on March 15, 2021. However, already opened its website on January 29th for the purchase of FUN tokens.

Users need to buy and keep FUN Tokens to earn cashbacks, free spins and more on the website. The platform will encourage its 41 million user base to adopt and use the token on a larger scale.

The online gambling website is now the first to introduce a liquid token used on leading exchanges such as. is noted Binance, HitBTC, and OKEx. would then like to increase the utility of the token by opening up token purchases to crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

A recent study says the online betting and online gambling market will grow to $ 100 billion in five years, at a CAGR of 10%. tries to develop this growth potential in order to further increase acceptance. A top 10 online gambling platform

Started in 2013, has since grown into one of the largest Bitcoin-centric websites in the world. When it was launched, their original goal was (and still is) to encourage the adoption of Bitcoin. supported this goal by introducing a bitcoin faucet in 2013 that gives free BTC to anyone who has solved a captcha. Over the years has added exciting games, contests, and freebies to get more people to use Bitcoin.

One of them is their proprietary HI-LO dice game. In this game, a player must wager HI or LO and can potentially multiply their BTC up to 4,750 times. To ensure a demonstrably fair environment without manipulation, the game integrates math and cryptography and is based on Bitcoin, which uses cryptography for transparency.

Also not dissimilar to the model of DeFi protocols, Users who deposit BTC into their wallets and hold a balance of over 30,000 Satoshis (0.00030000 BTC) earn 4.08 percent on annual interest rates that are compounded daily. also has a betting section where users can bet on various events using their BTC.

Now, in 2021, is trying to leverage its enormous reach to promote the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies in general. FUN Token, an established online gambling token, becomes its trademark.

30% higher BTC betting volume year-on-year

In 2020, bets totaling $ 600 million (over 450,000 BTC) were placed by players at has grown steadily by 30% year-on-year since 2013.

Since launch, players have earned more than 227,520 BTC. This explains why has a high retention rate of over 75% which is one of the highest in online gambling.

This growth is fueled by a comprehensive referral program where referrers receive a 50% lifetime commission. The platform also pays users a 25% commission on the interest earned through their referrals. And now is giving away 2 million FUN tokens to users who invite new people to their premium membership program.

That bodes well for FUN Sign. A higher growth rate means a steadily growing influx of crypto enthusiasts, and since is seriously promoting the token in the next year, FUN will become an attractive investment opportunity in the long term.

Details on the 4th edition of the Lambo Giveaway

the third edition’s Lamborghini Giveaway ended in October 2020. It attracted over 39 million crypto users after a lucky winner won 24.71 BTC in Round 2.

The giveaway is part of the platform’s Golden Ticket Contest and the fourth edition is already live. Users take certain actions, collect tickets and, in a system that has been proven to be fair, a winner is drawn.

On January 29, 2021, BTC was trading at over $ 32.2,000.’s contests and giveaways give users a chance to earn BTC without buying from exchanges or mining. Their integration of another liquid token listed on Binance and other leading exchanges could set the trend for other BTC and online gambling platforms.

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