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ISLAMABAD – Petroleum dealers have rejected the proposal to deregulate the prices of petroleum products and say the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has so far not consulted them in this regard.
The rejection of the proposal to deregulate the prices of petroleum products by petroleum traders surfaced at a ceremony of the Pakistan Petroleum Traders Association (PPDA) held here in the federal capital under the leadership of PPDA Chairman Abdul Sami Khan. Oil traders rejected plans to deregulate petroleum product prices and said they would strike across the country if OGRA did not consult with them before making a final decision.
Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqqan Abbasi said in his speech that the government is ready to deregulate the prices of petroleum products, because when the prices increase in the international oil market, the government must raise the prices and the masses must bear the burden. burden of rising oil prices. He said he is against oil pricing mechanism as the government has no connection with oil pricing. He said oil traders should earn legitimate profits from their businesses. However, he deplored that some dealers would have been involved to a lesser extent and falsified the oil. If dealers received a legitimate profit, they would avoid engaging in any illegal practices, Shahid Khaqqan Abbasi said.
This government has now approved the commission due for dealers and it is hoped that they will derive legitimate revenue from their businesses, Abbasi added. Speaking on the occasion, PPDA Chairman Abdul Sami Khan said it was seriously ironic that OGRA has so far failed to consult with dealers regarding the proposed petroleum product price deregulation. He however said that PPDA does not accept the proposal to deregulate the prices of petroleum products and would prefer to call a nationwide strike if their demands are not met and they are not consulted before making a final decision. We are the main stakeholders, but we are being ignored by OGRA, said Abdul Sami Khan, Chairman of PPDA.
He added that the government should immediately take action to stop the illegal smuggling of oil from Iran, as the government does not derive any revenue from oil smuggling while it ruins the businesses of oil traders. We will strongly oppose the plan to deregulate the prices of petroleum products and would go on strike if they were not consulted, said Abdul Sami Khan. Raja Waseem Kianai, Islamabad district chairman of PPDA, said OGRA should advise provincial chief secretaries to immediately take strict action against illegal petrol pumps and oil agencies, while the district administration should ensure the closure of pimps and illegal oil agencies in their respective jurisdictions.
Chaudry Faisal, Secretary General of PPDA, in his address called on the government to grant industry status to petrol pumps so that they save their skins from additional electricity charges and let their employees benefit from the fruits of the social security and old benefits. PPDA bureau members from Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gligat-Baltisatn, Azad Jammu and Kashmir were present on the occasion.

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