Matthew McConaughey defends Trump’s base

Photo: Magnus Sundholm / Shutterstock

In everything that’s going on in politics right now, actors Matthew McConaughey has decided to give the cause its influential voice … by saying the left has to be nicer to Trump voters who are actively trying to undo the 2020 presidential election results by lowering millions of votes. In a recent episode of Russell Brand‘s Under the skin (gross) podcast (delicious) that couch potatoes Speaking about the current political divide, actor said, “Let’s get aggressively centered. I dare you ”, which surely sounded a lot cooler in his head. Also, the word we are looking for is centris, ya big one percent.

McConaughey then he compares what he calls the “illiberal left,” who were sad and angry that Trump won in 2016, and the GOP, which institutionally refuses to make concessions and defies all democratic precedents, in 2020 : “A lot of people in our industry when Trump was elected Four years ago they denied it was real. Some of them were in utter disapproval. Even now, if we can stabilize, it looks like Biden is our type. Now you have it Law that’s in denial. “As he says that, McConaughey looks like he thinks he’s the most popular and cleverest philosopher king in the country and not your contactless uncle. McConaughey continues to rail against “elites” on the “coasts” (call it a Moon dog-whistle), before he immediately turns to what he thinks is the silent majority Really cares: Whether or not Austin, Texas may become a global hub for businesses in the decades to come. Keep voting for what “the people” believe in, McConaughey, such as * checked notes * the smooth four-wheel drive and integrated navigation of Lincoln cars.

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