Legal gathering: the sheriff is not a personal security escort


A woman calling from Springer Road in Columbia Falls reportedly wanted to schedule a civilian vigil with MPs. She was informed that the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office was not her personal security escort to collect her belongings whenever she got into a fight with a particular person.

A truck pulled up on Three Mile Drive in Kalispell when heavy smoke from hay bales was seen on the trailer it was pulling. The truck drove to a gas station where more water was put on the balls.

A resident of Wintercrest Drive in Kalispell reportedly said a woman from Bozeman called and reported that her dwarf goat had been attacked by a dog, but the goat was fine and did not want law enforcement involved.

Someone called MPs who wanted to pass on information that a man had called him and defrauded them and many others who had been looking for him for years.

One man claimed that a security company hired for an event was operating without a state license and wanted to initiate criminal and civil proceedings against them. MPs informed him about the Ministry of Labor’s complaint process and if he got more information and felt that a criminal complaint was necessary, he should call back.

A resident of Westwood Lane in Kalispell had a question about people camping under a bridge, however, no one was there yet.

A woman calling from US 2 in Essex reportedly felt sorry for a dog ‘locked in a crate all day’ and thought he was stressed but had shade and water. An MP explained that what she described did not meet the standards of state animal cruelty law.

A man allegedly sold his vehicle to a man who then had an accident and now someone was trying to make an insurance claim against his insurance.

A man calling from US 2 at Evergreen who allegedly insulted and rambled on dispatchers managed to say that he had worked for a company for a month and had not received his last paycheck. His questions have been answered.

A man with a cart that sometimes sleeps under a bridge would have agreed to go and pick up a pile of garbage that he threw away.

A woman on US 2 in Columbia Falls complained about “really bad” parking at a rodeo and said she could barely get her truck and trailer through. He was told that law enforcement could only verify that emergency vehicles could pass. She seemed unhappy with this answer and hung up.

Columbia Falls Police Department responded to a report of pigs roaming free on Railroad Street. They were sent home.

A man on a bicycle reportedly looked through vehicles on Ninth Street.

An order was reported stolen from a car on Nucleus Avenue.


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