Lawyers say Murdaugh’s housekeeper heirs owe at least $ 3 million more

A total of at least $ 3 million in insurance settlements may have been transferred from the property of the late housekeeper to South Carolina attorney Alex Murdo, according to the report.

Attorney Eric Brand told the Columbia, South Carolina state newspaper: “At least $ 3 million in insurance has been paid for Gloria Satterfield’s heirs. We are going to run after this money. That’s it. “

“These $ 3 million are still insufficient,” he added.

Earlier this month, the brand filed lawsuits on behalf of Satterfield Real Estate, claiming Murdow had mismanaged $ 505,000 in known insurance claims, the newspaper said.

Sons of deceased housekeeper Alex Madau ‘injured’, ‘shocked’ after SC lawyer freed from drug rehab

The proceedings allege that Madau and two other men embezzled $ 505,000, which should have gone to Satterfield’s two sons after his death in February 2018. The mark told the newspaper it would soon name more people as related defendants with the allegations, but would not provide details.

Housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, 57, died in hospital weeks after falling at the home of South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdo, officials said.

Weeks after his fall at Murdo’s home, Satterfield, 57, apparently did not have a will when he died in hospital. The estate lawsuit alleges that the details of Satterfield’s downfall are unclear.

South Carolina Law Enforcement (SLED) said Satter in light of the unsolved murder of Murdau’s wife and son in June, Murdau’s alleged dependence on oxycodone, and his alleged involvement to a plan to kill himself. The state, which has said Field’s death will be re-examined, said it was fired to raise $ 10 million in insurance for his surviving son.

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Murdo, 53, surrendered Thursday on charges related to a plan that allegedly took his own life. He was then released from prison with a personal identification guarantee of $ 20,000 scheduled to enter a rehabilitation center.

The suspect, who was arrested in connection with the suspect’s plot, has been identified as Curtis “Fast Eddie” Smith, 61, and claims to have been founded by Madau, The New York Post reported.

Murdo’s release has left Satterfield’s sons in “shell shock” pending further legal action, lawyer Ronnie Richter told Fox News on Friday.

Murdaugh was fired from his partner, the South Carolina law firm PMPED.

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