Kokua Line: Can I still receive unemployment benefits if I have to receive Social Security earlier?

Question: I am always on leave – attached to my business, but I do not perceive hours. My employer continues to cover my health insurance. I have been receiving unemployment benefit for over a year now and am wondering if I can collect social security while on leave and continue to receive unemployment benefit? I will be 64 in July and understand that I will receive a reduced Social Security amount due to an early start date.

Reply: Yes, it is possible to receive both. You would not declare your Social Security income on your unemployment claim because “Social Security is not a salary under Unemployment Insurance, and therefore not applicable to Unemployment Insurance benefits. The only retirement / pension accounts subject to unemployment insurance are those of an employer in the applicant’s base period, ”said Bill Kunstman, spokesperson for the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations in an email.

Likewise, social security income is not deductible from claims for assistance in the event of an unemployment pandemic, according to the DLIR. This answers a question from another reader, a PUA claimant who said current restrictions on major events could force her to take early retirement; she had made a good living as a freelance event organizer before the pandemic and government restrictions on gatherings. She will not have to declare social security income on her PUA application.

You both plan to collect Social Security before your full retirement age, which means your monthly allowance will be less than you had if you had waited a few more years.

KOKUA LINE hears a growing number of frustrated readers that what began in March 2020 as a well-defined effort to prevent Hawaii’s healthcare system from being overwhelmed by COVID-19 when there was no vaccine , has evolved in recent months into a vaguely defined and open system of government restrictions that makes it difficult for some people to earn a living, deprived young people of educational opportunities, and leaves elected officials and government agencies largely irresponsible.

And that doesn’t even include travel. We hear daily from families in Hawaii on delayed trips out of state who are upset about having to shell out hundreds of dollars for pre-return testing or 10-day quarantine when they get home, even if they are. have been fully vaccinated here vaccination card to prove it. As of Friday, there was no update on when these types of travelers would be included in Hawaii’s vaccine exemption.

Question: Someone I don’t know very well told me that I can get free flights if I show my COVID-19 vaccination card. Is it a scam?

A: Not necessarily, but be sure to check the airline’s website for more details to confirm that you are not being misled. The crooks try to exploit real events to misguide potential victims.

The promotion we get the most questions about is genuine: United Airlines MileagePlus members “who upload their vaccination card to their account by June 22 will automatically be entered for a chance to win either a return flight to two, which is free flights for one year to one of our destinations in the world, ”the airline says on its website, united.com, where you can read the full eligibility rules.

Question: I was fired two months ago. No union. I have always looked for work. Does this count with the new requirement? Also, I know they ask if you searched for jobs, but where do you attach the documentation? I don’t see a link in my UI portal.

A: You refer to the DLIR’s renewed job search requirement for certain people receiving unemployment benefit. Applicants concerned must make three job search contacts this week and every subsequent week, during the duration of their application, according to the ministry.

Job search contacts before today will not meet the requirement, he said.

Regarding your second question, generally applicants will not be prompted to attach or download job search documentation from their UI portal. They will simply be asked – when they certify their application – if they have looked for three jobs this week. Applicants should keep a written log of their job search to provide to DLIR upon request, but you can do so as a hard copy or electronically outside of your portal.

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