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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: To ensure students stay busy with their curriculum during the lockdown, the General Education Department has launched an online career guidance program. Grade X and XII students are expected to benefit from the streamlined program that allows them to choose courses based on their abilities.

The youth counseling center for vocational orientation at lower secondary level is entrusted with this task. The government has appointed 10 career guidance trainers in each district. The training courses are delivered through platforms such as WhatsApp video calls and live video streaming on smartphones, with trainers dispelling students’ doubts through two-way communication.

You will be taken to various courses, entrance exams, career prospects, prestigious educational institutions, and scholarship opportunities. The program also provides the opportunity to connect with career experts from various fields, thus helping to reduce student anxiety. For grade X students, the institute has also set up an online proficiency test called K-DAT (Kerala Differential Proficiency Test) to help students choose courses that suit their proficiency.

K-DAT is a series of tasks for measuring individual learning or performance capabilities in various areas. The test areas considered are abstract thinking, verbal skills, verbal reasoning, spatial relationships, mechanical thinking and numerical skills.

“This is the first time in the country that an aptitude test is being conducted for students to enable them to choose courses and careers,” General Education Secretary A Shahjahan told The New Indian Express.

“We will guide them so that they can make an appropriate college and career choice and ultimately be successful. A total of 200 teachers take the K-DAT test in the country. Students with computers and smartphones at home can take this online test. Several students are interested in being part of the program, which is a good sign. “

For those interested in the program, the government has set up a toll-free number – 18004252843 – which is open between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


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