Job Service North Dakota warns public of scam targeting residents

BISMARCK – An identity theft scam is currently circulating in North Dakota under the guise of Job Service North Dakota.

Job Service North Dakota has received several reports from residents receiving text messages alerting them that they have successfully made changes to their North Dakota UI ICE account. Text messages are sent whether or not they have an UI claim or UI ICE account.

Some posts read:

  • “Someone tried to log into your UI ICE profile. If it was not you, please answer stop.
  • “Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed your UI ICE password! If it wasn’t you, please respond stop.
  • “You have successfully changed your PASSWORD on your North Dakota ICE UI Profile from a NEW DEVICE at (other location). If it was not you, please answer stop.

Responding to text messages exposes users to identity theft, Job Service North Dakota warned. The response prompts users to log into a realistic-looking spoofed website. The site requests personal information, including an address, social security number, email, phone number, and driver’s license number.

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“It is highly unlikely that crooks could use this information to gain access to UI ICE accounts, as we have a number of strong fraud prevention measures in place,” said Bryan Klipfel, Executive Director of Job Service North Dakota, in a press release. “But this is clearly an attempt to steal identities by masquerading as a state agency and this information can be used in millions of other places to defraud people.”

It is strongly recommended that the public do not open or reply to messages, then delete them and report them to law enforcement. Legitimate text messages from Job Service North Dakota contain no links. Additionally, always log in using a web browser and manually navigate to

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