Introduced in October of this year: Local movie screenings on criminal justice, agriculture and beekeeping! | Art

North Central, Pennsylvania has plenty of opportunities to enjoy movies. The local university promotes an educational and timely film that will be screened on campus in October. For those who want to screen from home in October of this year, WVIA will stream its own educational and timely film on crime and punishment.

WVIA documentary

Camp Hill, PA-WVIA will premiere the original documentary film “A Call to CARE” on Thursday, October 14th at 8 pm on WVIA TV. A one-hour film produced by WVIA discusses a court-backed re-immigration program to help individuals released from prisons at medium to high risk of recidivism avoid a catastrophic recurrence of criminal activity. Explains. Record the program’s comprehensive rehabilitation process and celebrate the healing resonance in the community.

Film director Chris Hendrickson said: “There was a lot of courage and accountability in the way CARE participants opened the door to us for A Call To CARE. It restores your faith in people.”

“Documentaries like these show WVIA’s long-standing commitment to telling stories in our region and highlighting those who are undergoing positive change,” said Ben Payavis, WVIA’s Chief Content Officer. Stated.

In a court-backed re-entry program (also known as CARE), compassion replaces punishment as a catalyst for rehabilitation for a second chance. The US District Court for the Central District of Pennsylvania adopted the CARE program in 2009. This program is a collaboration between the public and private sectors. The CARE team consists of representatives from the Federal Department of Justice, the Department of Justice, the Federal Public Advocacy Office, and the US Probation Office. The interests of local, regional, and national nonpartisan private businesses can partner with federal staff to provide participants with access to a variety of resources not otherwise available. The director is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a practical and practical approach to problem solving that can change the patterns of thinking and behavior that lead to conflict. Upon successful completion of the program, participants can reduce their monitored release period by a third.

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Angkor will air on Friday, October 15th at 1:00 pm, Sunday, October 17th at 12:30 pm, Thursday, October 21st at 9:00 pm, and Friday, October 22nd at 2:00 pm.On demand PBS and WVIA apps after the broadcast premiere.

Bloomsburg movie series

Bloomsburg, PA-Bloomsburg University, PA will screen three films this fall as part of the Green Campus Initiative Film Series. Each screening will take place at 7 pm in Room 1303 of the McCormick Human Service Center. All screenings are open to the public with no admission fees. Masks are required for all buildings at Bloomsburg University.

First movie From seed to seed It will be screened on Thursday, October 14th. From seed to seed Explore the challenges faced by both large and smallholders as climate change poses ever-increasing challenges to their ability to grow food and earn a living.

This documentary focuses on farmers Terry Mierau and Monique Scholte, who gave up their lives as opera singers in Europe to pursue their passion for small-scale farming. Written, produced and directed by Katharina Stieffenhofer, From seed to seed Following some other Manitoba farmers, it provides a Canadian perspective on the global social movement of land, agriculture and community regeneration, enabling a more sustainable and healthy future for all.

Second movie, To the canyon, Will be screened on Thursday, October 28th. National Geographic photographer Pete McBride. To the canyon McBride and writer Kevin Fedalco are following the feat of hiking the entire length of the Grand Canyon. Throughout the journey, McBride and Fedalco hope to draw attention to some of the threats faced by natural wonders, such as increased helicopter traffic and proposals for tourism construction projects. To the canyon We share a note about complex relationships with nature.

The last movie in the series, Messenger, Scheduled for Tuesday, November 9th. Messenger Imagine a world without bird calls, explore the connections between humans and birds, and warn that their uncertain destiny may reflect our destiny. It covers a variety of songbird habitats, from the northern forests to Mount Ararat in Turkey and the streets of New York City. Messenger talks about the mass depletion of songbirds and the people working to save them.

Contact Tim Pelton for more information on the series. [email protected]

Bucknell movie event

Pollen mater Is a movie trip around the United States that follows migratory beekeepers and bees on trucks pollinating the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we eat. Film director Peter Nelson and executive producer Sally Roy will be present. Admission is free, but you will need a mask at the event.

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Introduced in October of this year: Local movie screenings on criminal justice, agriculture and beekeeping! | Art

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