Indiana Agriculture and Technology School expands to USI

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – The Indiana Agriculture and Technology School, a charter school based in central Indiana, has expanded to the University of Southern Indiana campus.

In August, the Indiana State Board of Education declared that USI was approved as a charter school authorizer. That means USI has the power to choose who can start a new charter school, set academic expectations and review academic performance.

“Putting a footprint here will allow us to be more connected with the community,” Keith Marsh, the executive director and chief academic officer for IATS said.

The expansion will give students from seventh through 12th grade in southern Indiana an opportunity to enroll in the agriculture and technology program, according to school leaders. Marsh says the next step for IATS is to increase student numbers.

“Now the key is to get students to enroll in our program,” Marsh said. “We hope through, through this, through the news programs and word of mouth that kids and families will start to see our program and say, ‘Hey, that’s something I really want to look into.’ And I think we’ll see it grow pretty quickly.”

Marsh emphasized that the intertwining of agriculture and technology made sense and could lead to different career paths.

“We see agricultural and technology as a great platform to open kids eyes, not only to those businesses, but into the career pathway altogether,” Marsh said. “Because there’s so many careers that you can get off of an agricultural background and a technology background – we just, like, what agricultural brings to community.”

To learn more about the program, click here.

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