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Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, has made it clear that he has a lot more on his mind bought new Alexion as sucking up the franchise drug side of the business and adding it to the pharmaceutical giant’s revenue stream – while cutting the cost of paying for the business. And now he’s appointing one of the deal’s chief architects as the new CEO of Alexion.

The Big Pharma announced this morning that it is doing some sort of trade between the teams at the two companies. Subject to a formal closing of the transaction, which has now been approved by the FTC, Soriot is sending his CFO Marc Dunoyer to the Boston-based company and taking on Alexion CFO Aradhana Sarin as the new numbering chief at AstraZeneca.

Dunoyer will also become AstraZeneca’s Chief Strategy Officer, giving him an important role in the upcoming deals.

I spoke to Dunoyer about the Alexion deal a few weeks ago, before this boardroom redesign. In a focused conversation, Dunoyer explained how AstraZeneca narrowed a broad M&A search to Alexion and gave some insight into the role Alexion will play as the company’s new rare disease center. What follows are the questions and answers we had, edited for length and clarity.

I started by asking how AstraZeneca decided to chase Alexion.

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