Harry Shearer steps down by giving the black ‘Simpsons’ character a voice

Harry Shearer gave his role in “The Simpsons” as the black character of Dr. Hibbert up

After the mess before, another white voice actor for The simpsons has withdrawn from his role as a color figure.

Harry Shearer gave up his role in the animated series as the black character of Dr. Hibbert and was replaced by black actor Kevin Michael Richardson, reported The wrap.

Fuchs told The post that while Shearer has been replaced for his role as Springfield’s most veteran doctor, he will continue to lend his pipes to his other characters, Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner.

This comes a year after white actor Hank Azaria left his role as Indian character Apu in the animated series after a spate of criticism that came after a 2017 documentary. The problem with Apu, highlighted the problem.

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