Gasoline and diesel prices unchanged; this is what you have to pay in your city today September 12, 2021

Gasoline and Diesel Prices: The price of gasoline in Delhi is Rs 101.19 per liter, while diesel is available at Rs 88.62. In Mumbai, gasoline is sold at Rs 107.26 while diesel costs Rs 96.19

Representative image. Bernard Gagnon / Wikimedia Commons

Gasoline and diesel prices remained static on Sunday. In Delhi, gasoline costs Rs 101.19 per liter while the price of diesel was Rs 88.62 per liter.

In Mumbai, gasoline can be purchased at Rs 107.26 per liter and diesel costs Rs 96.19 per liter.

In Chennai, a liter of gasoline is priced at Rs 98.96. On Sunday, the price of a liter of diesel was Rs 93.26.

Gasoline in Kolkata costs Rs 101.62 per liter while diesel costs Rs 91.71 per liter.

While gasoline can be purchased at Rs 109.63 at Bhopal and diesel costs Rs 97.57 per liter.

Gasoline and diesel prices are reviewed by oil marketing companies including Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil and Hindustan Petroleum. The new rates are implemented at 6 a.m. every day. States and cities have different fuel prices due to value-added taxes, local and transportation charges that vary by location.

Here are the prices of diesel and gasoline in a few subways and Tier II cities across the country:

1. Bombay

Gasoline – Rs 107.26 per liter
Diesel – Rs 96.19 per liter

2. Delhi

Gasoline – Rs 101.19 per liter
Diesel – Rs 88.62 per liter

3. Chennai

Gasoline – Rs 98.96 per liter
Diesel – Rs 93.38 per liter

4. Calcutta

Gasoline – Rs 101.62 per liter
Diesel – Rs 91.71 per liter

5. Bhopal

Gasoline – Rs 109.63 per liter
Diesel – Rs 97.43 per liter

6. Hyderabad

Gasoline – Rs 105.26 per liter
Diesel – Rs 96.69 per liter

7. Bangalore

Gasoline – Rs 104.70 per liter
Diesel – Rs 94.04 per liter

8. Guwahati

Gasoline – Rs 97.05 per liter
Diesel – Rs 88.05 per liter

9. Lucknow

Gasoline – Rs 98.30 per liter
Diesel – Rs 89.02 per liter

ten. Gandhinagar

Gasoline – Rs 98.26 per liter
Diesel – 95.70 per liter

11. Thiruvananthapuram

Gasoline – Rs 103.42 per liter
Diesel – Rs 95.38 per liter

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