Fuel Prices Today: Gasoline and Diesel Stabilizing Nationwide

Skyrocketing fuel prices are driving up the cost of living in Australia. We track gasoline and diesel state by state to show you where it’s cheapest, where it’s most expensive, and where the trends are heading.

Summary: 8-Apr-2022 Lead Free (95) Diesel
national average $1.93 (no change) $1.95 (1.0% decrease)
Best Value Status SA and WA @ $1.86 SA @ $1.87

Gasoline and diesel prices have soared in recent weeks, with retailers blaming record oil prices and compromised supply chains.

While it’s unclear whether these reasons tell the whole story, the bottom line is that consumers are feeling the pinch at the bowser — and there are no signs of it getting any better so far.

We’ve compiled daily data to chart week-to-week trends through publicly available data, revealing where it’s cheapest and where it’s most expensive.

Unleaded 95 was chosen as a barometer for gas prices, however, if you buy E10 or 91, expect to pay slightly less than the figures shown below. If you buy 98, expect to pay a little more.

Here at the national and state averages for gasoline and diesel today.

LAST UPDATED – Friday April 14, 2022

Unleaded Gasoline (95) – National average: $1.93 (no change since yesterday)

State A V. Price $/L Change since yesterday
LAW $1.90 down 0.5%
New South Wales $1.88 down 1.0%
North territory $2.11 up 5.0%
queensland $1.91 down 0.5%
South Australia $1.86 no change
Tasmania $2.01 down 0.5%
Victoria $1.89 down 0.5%
Western Australia $1.86 down 0.5%

The cheapest : Waroona Western Australia – $1.60
Very expensive:
Jabiru, Northern Territory – $2.70

Diesel – National average: $1.95 (down 1.0% since yesterday)

State A V. Price $/L Change since yesterday
LAW $1.93 down 0.5%
New South Wales $1.91 down 0.5%
North territory $2.12 down 3.0%
queensland $1.97 up 0.5%
South Australia $1.87 down 0.5%
Tasmania $1.97 down 0.5%
Victoria $1.92 down 0.5%
Western Australia $1.89 up 2.5%

The cheapest : Carnarvon, Washington – $1.50
Very expensive:
Yulara, Northern Territories – $2.66

Average fuel price tracker – capital city average

Please note that prices in the capital are generally lower than statewide averages.

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