First Announcement: Home Ownership Survey; women and cities; Edmonton Airport Upgrades

Young adults embrace home ownership: Royal LePage

According to a recent Royal LePage demographic survey released this morning, 48 percent of Canadians ages 25 to 35 currently own their home and 25 percent of thOse homeowners bought a property during the pandemic. Among non-owners, there is a strong future purchase intention (84 percent), with 68 percent planning to move in the next five years. 16 percent say they plan to buy a property within the year, while 14 percent say they will buy within one to two years, and 39 percent plan to buy in two to five years.

City Building Ryerson presents the Women and Cities webinar.

City Building Ryerson has announced an International Women’s Day webinar that will take place on May 8th. concentrate on the theme Women and Cities: Planning for Justice. The presentation will examine research showing how gender bias in urban planning can disadvantage women and highlight the City of Vienna’s experience in reversing its effects.

RBC steps up sustainability commitments

RBC announced today that it has increased its commitment to funding sustainable projects, committing $500 billion in sustainable fundingeng by 2025. RBC’s initial pledge of $100 billion in sustainable funding was met in 2020. In addition, RBC committed to net-zero emissions from its lending by 2050, in line with the global goals of the Paris Agreement, and announced it has joined the partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials and RMI’s Center for Climate-Aligned Finance.

Edmonton Airport Spending Feds

The government announced this yesterday financing $18 million under the National Trade Corridors Fund for rearmament that Edmonton International Airport. The project includes the expansion of apron 7 of the airport by 47,000 square meters meter to accommodate two additional bays for wide-bodied aircraft, installation of a new hydrant fuelling System linked to Shell Aviation’s new cargo fuel farm, measuring 1,400 square meters meter of cold rooms and equipment in the international cargo area to store the temperaturesensitive and perishable export products.

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