Erivo, Gordon-Levitt & Co. are part of Disney’s live-action film

Pinocchio: Erivo, Gordon-Levitt & Co. in Disney’s live-action film

According to The wrap, Oscar-nominated actress Cynthia Erivo (Harriet) has officially emerged as the lead role in Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming live-action film version of Pinocchio, based on the classic children’s fairy tale by the Italian author Carlo Collodi. Erivo is supposed to play the role of the blue fairy, who is described as a magical being who fulfilled Geppeto’s wish to transform the title doll into a real boy. She will also serve as a companion to Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket.

In addition, Deadline also brings news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Keegan Michael-Key and Lorraine Bracco have also been added to the cast. Gordon-Levitt and Ainsworth will vote for Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio respectively. While Key will play the character of Honest John with Bracco as Sofia the Seagull, a new character is being developed specifically for the live-action film.

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The original Pinocchio, based on the 1883 novel The adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, first debuted in theaters in 1940 and won two Academy Awards. In the 1940 Disney animated film Pinocchiowho starred by Dickie Jones, Jiminy Cricket by Cliff Edwards and Master Geppetto by Christian Rubb.

The film adaptation of Pinocchio The focus is on the wooden doll dreaming of becoming a “real boy”, the relationship between father and son, the consequences of lying and story-making, and life in a fantasy world. It is spearheaded by Oscar winner Tom Hanks as Geppetto and Luke Evans as the villain, owner and operator of Pleasure Island, The Coachman.

The director is Robert Zemeckis based on a script that he wrote together with Chris Weitz. It’s supposed to premiere right at Disney +.

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The collaboration between Zemeckis and Hanks goes back to the latter’s second Oscar-winning round Forrest Gump and would reunite later Lost, which earned Hanks another Oscar nomination and Golden Globe win, followed by the cult Christmas classic The polar express. The project is to be produced by Weitz and Andrew Miano using their production banner for depth of field.

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