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Emily Blunt says she loan her vocals for that Mary Poppins returns The soundtrack was “so medical”.

Mary Poppins is known for his songs, which are usually sung by the main actress and immortalized in the original from 1964 by the experienced actress Julie Andrews.

The latest version of the franchise, Mary Poppins returnsShe continues this tradition by lending lead actress Blunt the vocals for seven songs.

On the recording for the soundtrack, Blunt said, “I thought it was very medicinal. On my days off, I would visit the songwriters and they would write these incredible songs. It was just a nice break from alcohol. When we took the recordings, I felt very comfortable with them. “

“I mean, we recorded these songs with a 100-piece orchestra. It was really a moving experience. Sing along so they can hear your tempo. It was wild. “

It includes titles like The place where lost things go, Can you imagine that?! and The Royal Doulton Music Hall.

“It was a great honor for me to be able to lend my vocals to some of these songs. I think I felt less pressured to approach that way than if I were doing an adaptation of something that was done before because it is not comparable, ”said Stumpf.

“You only have songs that have been effectively tailored to me and what my abilities are. That way it’s an incredibly collaborative experience and one that I’ve been invited to, but I think these songs, even if you haven’t heard them before, there is something about the music that feels familiar . I think that’s always a sign of a great song, “she added.

Mary Poppins returns will air on April 26th on Star Movies in India.


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