Dwight Capital becomes the largest HUD lender in the country

Dwight Capital, one of the largest private commercial real estate lenders in the country, has acquired Love Funding, the HUD loan subsidiary of Midland States Bank.

As a result of the acquisition, Dwight Capital is the largest dedicated FHA / HUD multi-family and healthcare finance company in the country.

The Love Funding Platform will be integrated into Dwight Capital. Midland States Bank will keep Love Funding’s existing service portfolio.

“Our clients appreciate our dedicated attention and our first class service, synonymous with Dwight Capital, and our funding volume has grown exponentially as a result. Therefore, it was imperative that we take steps to quickly add to our workforce with a high profile group so that our quality and service excel as we grow, ”said Adam Sasouness, Co-CEO of Dwight Capital.

“The Love Funding team has been well respected in the FHA / HUD lending industry for decades, which is why we felt it would be a seamless fit with Dwight. This acquisition is testament to Dwight’s commitment to building and maintaining an HUD funding team unmatched in the industry. ”

“Our growth is also a direct result of our collaboration with the incredible team at HUD,” said Josh Sasouness, Co-CEO of Dwight Capital. “We are grateful to HUD for their continued partnership with us and their willingness to continually adapt their policies to housing needs across the country.”

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