Disaster reassessment offered to Saint John landowners following Hurricane Ida – L’Observateur

LAPLACE – Residents who suffered damage to their homes during Hurricane Ida may be able to reduce their 2021 property tax bill by requesting a disaster reassessment from the St. Parish Assessor’s office. John the Baptist.

The Disaster Reassessment Form is available online at StJohnAssessor.org.

“We would like the public to go to our website and fill out this form to tell us how much damage they suffered, whether it was flooded or rain fell from the roof. We want to have this information so that we can reassess it accordingly. We understand that people are hurting and needing help, and that is what we are trying to do in a fair way, ”said Lucien Gauff III, St. John Parish Evaluator.

The change reflected in an individual’s tax bill will depend on the amount of damage suffered during the storm.

The form will ask for your name, address, insurance information and the extent of damage to various components of the property, such as roof, foundation, doors / windows and exterior / interior finish.

Supporting information should be provided for review. This may include the adjuster’s report, insurance claim and award letter, FEMA claim and award letter, contractor’s receipt for repairs, or photos of the damage.

The deadline to apply is October 31, but Gauff said his office will work with residents with extenuating circumstances.

It is the assessor’s responsibility to discover, list and value all property subject to ad valorem taxation in St. John’s Parish on an assessment roll each year. The assessor does not increase or decrease taxes or pass laws that affect landowners. Rather, the appraiser’s responsibility is to determine the fair market value of a property.

The assessed value of a property is applied at the mileage rate voted by the public and levied by the tax bodies of the parish. Property taxes fund the parish government, the sheriff’s office, public schools and more.

The assessor’s office operates daily at 1811 W. Airline Highway in LaPlace.

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