Counting New Producers

Agricultural producers in the southeast who are new to the industry are hearing from the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

The Service has sent out their National Agricultural Classification Survey, or NACS for short.

“Not all agricultural operations will get a NACS, only if there are new ones and we are not sure they are involved in agriculture or not. They are the ones who will get NACS surveys. The survey due date is January 24th. They can either reply by mail with the business reply envelope that’s included with the mail or they can go online to our website and complete the survey there using the survey code that will be included in the mailing.”

Cathy Scherrer of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

She says this is a precursor to the 2022 National Census of Agriculture. It helps identify those involved in some kind of agricultural activity and acquire basic farm information. The agriculture operations are required to complete the survey. It is thought of as one of the most important early steps to determine who should receive next year’s Census of Agriculture questionnaire.

NASS’ Division Director says “The definition of a farm is not based on size, type, or location,” A farm can be an urban rooftop or a backyard greenhouse. It can be large pastures of cattle or fields of corn, as well as blooms, honey, vegetables, or eggs sold to neighbors, friends, and family. The agency’s mission is to give every U.S. producer the opportunity to share their voice in the ag census.”


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