Builder of Dreams | 2018-09-27

It’s no secret to everyone who knows her – Michelle Rosner loves Disney World.

When she’s not serving as the chief lending officer of 1st Financial Federal Credit Union in Wentzville, Missouri, with a fortune of $ 257 million, she is found rubbing together with her husband and 16-year-old son on beloved rides Mickey Mouse’s elbows.

Click to enlarge. Rosner (left) receives the 1st Financial FCU’s Excellence in Leadership Award from CEO Carol Minges.

And she loves the man who made the world, Walt Disney.

“I admire his relentless zeal for his passion,” says Rosner. “He was so motivated to build a place where families can have fun together, and it all started with a mouse.”

Rosner takes a page from Disney’s Playbook into her own work. She describes herself as a “dream farmer”.

“Every day is an opportunity to make someone’s dreams come true. Regardless of whether it is a first car loan or a home loan to finance your studies, there is a story and a dream behind every loan application, ”says Rosner.

She believes that even collections, an important part of her job, is an opportunity to dream with people and find ways to improve their lives.

‘Every day is an opportunity to make someone’s dreams come true.’

“Nobody wakes up thinking, ‘I won’t pay the bill today,’” says Rosner. “The fact is, life happens and bad things happen to good people. Fortunately, if they have a credit union loan, we’ll hear their story and find the best way to help them get back on track. “

During her 22 years at the credit union, Rosner has inspired colleagues through good deeds at work and in their personal lives.

She is the recipient of the 1st Financial Federal’s Excellence in Leadership Award; served on several boards including the St. Louis Chapter of Credit Unions, the Missouri Credit Union Association, and the Children’s Miracle Network; and finds time to rescue Norwegian elk dogs.

Rosner brings a little magic to the credit union every day, which results in a motivated team.

“I firmly believe that it takes a village to be successful,” she says. “Whether it’s helping employees become future leaders or helping members achieve their financial dreams, I love seeing people prosper and happy.”

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