Black Knight expands brokerage products with LOS acquisition

Analytics giant Black Knight is looking for acquisitions again. The company acquired a cloud-based lending system from NexSpring Finance in an effort to expand its brokerage product offering.

According to a press release, the platform is will be renamed and integrated in Black Knights Empower LOS so brokers can use both systems at the same time. The technology enables brokers, borrowers, agents and processors to all collaborate on the same platform and will be in theirs as well Optimal blue loan assessors PSA.

“Black Knight is committed to sharing the benefits of our powerful software, data and analytics with mortgage brokers who are the fastest growing origination channel in the industry,” said Anthony Jabbour, CEO of Black Knight. “This broker-specific digital lending platform enables these entrepreneurs to benefit from many of the same powerful features used by large lenders on a platform that suits their own individual needs and can be easily scaled as their business expands.”

Black Knight competes with other well-capitalized firms to create an “end-to-end” mortgage experience. You want to enter a growing market for broker technology.

Last July, the company acquired Optimal Blue just weeks after announcing it was for sale for $ 1.8 billion. The company’s integration combined Optimal Blue’s PSA capabilities in its offerings and analysis engine.

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In 2020 Black Knight also picked up Heavy water, a Artificial intelligence provider and machine learning for the financial services industry; Collateral analysis and its reviewer and AVM tools; DocVerify to increase his E-authentication functions; and it even bought it Accelerate Loans “Cyclops” mortgage service customer Relationship management software.

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