Bismarck mother-daughter duo creates individual Easter baskets

Two Bismarck women help the Easter Bunny with unique baskets.

KX News got an exclusive insight into their workshop.

The mother-daughter duo Jolene and Jennee started creating unique Easter baskets five years ago.

Back then there were 50 baskets. Now the ladies are up to hundreds and cover their entire garage.

“She brought bags with Easter treats. And I thought, what should I do with it? I have no place for her. I already have enough of my own. So we decided together to make baskets. And start selling them cheaply because we were both single parents, ”explains Jolene Thiel, the mother and Easter basket designer.

“You know, you go into the stores and find the pre-made baskets with two candy and a basketball and you pay $ 20 for it. And we wanted to give people nice baskets filled with high quality toys, ”explains Thiel’s daughter Jennee Schauer.

The ladies shop all year round to make sure that no baskets are like the others and they are suitable not just for kids but for every member of the family.

“Because we know that everyone has different interests and tastes. We have baskets for teenagers and adults. We have gender neutral baskets. Like the baby, we have baby baskets, boy, girl, ”said Thiel.

Putting these baskets together is more than just creating something special, it is also time for the bond between mother and daughter pair.

“We had some fun moments. When we first piled all of our baskets on our large table against the garage wall, they were all empty. And you are so used to sliding your large garage door open. She pushed it open and he picked up all the baskets. And it was like a basket frenzy that went everywhere. That was kind of weird, “said Schauer.

While some baskets are for sale, they also reach out to local organizations every year to see if they can donate and put a smile on some kids’ faces.

“So this year we’re working with the Evangelical Temple. You can get me a list of the names of children in need, ”said Thiel.

“Try contacting Sanford and St. A’s. And I hope I am able to donate to them for their pediatrics. And creating your entire pediatric floor is, so to speak, our goal this year, ”said Schauer.

If you don’t want to shop with others due to COVID-19, they’ll give you a private session or deliver a basket to your door.

The ladies, because COVID-19 arrived shortly before Easter, received orders for baskets from 12 different states.

They expect to get more jobs just like that.

If you would like a basket please contact them at (701) 220-3552.

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