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CHEYENNE — After last weekend’s historic snowstorm, residents of Laramie County did not hesitate to heed the call of neighbors in need.

Social media has been inundated with stories of people shoveling sidewalks, picking up groceries or medicine, and offering rides to and from work in snow-covered trucks or, in some cases, snowmobiles.

Given the overwhelming community support, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle asked residents to share their experiences with us on social media and email.

This compilation of entries is just a sampling of the acts of kindness seen across Laramie County in the wake of last week’s storm.

(Editor’s Note: Some of these statements have been edited slightly to correct spelling and grammar.) n

“We are older and my husband had some health issues. Our neighbor used his snowblower to clear our driveway and create a path from the driveway to the front door. We couldn’t get out the front door as a 4ft drift blocked it. Even after his blaster had a flat tire, he kept working and said he wanted to make sure we could come out on medical grounds if we needed to.” – Shirley Brookshier Cortez Liebenow

“Five neighbors and two pieces of equipment dug me up – 80-year-old widow. Love my neighbors.” – Cindy Bünger

“Our family was blessed to be able to join the church and help out during the storm in the city. The Emergency Management Facebook page posted that they were looking for help with snowmobiles in the community, so my husband, son and I stepped in and helped transport workers and others to and from their homes to work. It was an experience we will never forget. As we drove through the town of Cheyenne, I watched the church gather. Nothing else mattered, nobody cared about political affiliation, race, gender, masks or anything else. People were helping each other, working together, and at that time I was reminded of what an amazing community we lived in and how blessed we truly were.” – Kristall Rosner

“A neighbor borrowed my snow blower and cleared the entire block, including our elderly neighbor’s driveway. Today another man I don’t know cleared the way for almost everyone on our block with his front loader. I had my car dug up but he had a much better opening to get it back onto the curb.” – Jeanne Stein

“My neighbor shoveled my sidewalk for me and offered to do my driveway today. I had a dentist appointment at Gentle Touch Dental this morning and since I couldn’t get my car out, they picked me up for my appointment and then took me home.” – Danna Loydsaid

“My 13-year-old shoveled driveways in our neighborhood for those who couldn’t.” – Micky Sanderson

“I stayed in the VA from Thursday night until the streets opened Monday noon. I live in Chugwater. My neighbor Bryan shoveled my driveway and walked and looked after my dogs on the days my sitter Terry couldn’t come to my house. Taken together, they gave me great peace of mind and the ability to get to my house when I could finally get there.” — Pamela Ahrens

“My neighbors helped me not only clean my driveway but put a path in the street on Monday to get out of the neighborhood. Then, on top of that, my neighbor Erin Blackman took me to get my kids. I was so thankful to them. They really went out of their way to help me when they didn’t have to.” – Tiffany Pare

“We’re the only ones on the block who have a snow blower. My husband covered our side of the street. He also did part of the alley, with a neighbor helping to shovel. Today the men of the street have gathered to draw up a plan to clear the street. One of them knew a guy with a tractor with a shovel. He came over and now the others are putting the finishing touches on the cleanup. I love it when neighbors help neighbors.” – Lisa Weinmaster Glauner

“A big thank you to John P. Tousignant and (Western Sky Construction) who shoveled and used the company’s bobcat to dig us up. I feel very blessed.” – Belinda J. Willard Smith

“My 76-year-old neighbor Carol has been hand shoveling the streets in my neighborhood for days to make them passable. Our roads are never plowed here.” – Evelina Carreon

“Synergy Home Health was able to deliver pizza (paid for by the agency) to veterans who reported needing meals during the storm. (Synergy has) assigned agency personnel to pick up and drop off and pick up patient caregivers at appointments for patient care. Caregivers’ cars were snowed in and there was no parking where some veterans live.” – Birgit Paul

Paul also said, “Home Instead provides home healthcare services to several veterans in Cheyenne and Laramie. During the storm, one of the staff who lives near a veteran walked to the veteran’s home to tend to him as there was no other way to get a vehicle to the veteran’s home.”

“A neighbor of mine in Pine Bluffs was clearing snow so I could get my car out of the drifts. It was probably 2 feet deep, and I would have had to clear a 10 meter path to get to the paved portion of my road. He also cleared the snow in the alley and helped loosen my husband’s work car.” – Lisa Grimm

“My neighbors are Air Force, and they helped me dig my driveway.” – Suzy B. Wiler

“Stone Ridge Estates really pulled together and used their personal tractors to not only get people out of their driveways, but to make the streets passable. We have many healthcare workers in this neighborhood and thanks to everyone’s teamwork, they were able to get to work. I couldn’t be more moved as I watched the neighborhood pull together for one another.” – Kathrin Ryan

“I lent my snow blower to anyone I could. Another person and I were the only two people on our street who had snowblowers. A lot of people have broken their snow shovels, so I loan shovels to everyone I can. People pitch in and help each other. It was a very good thing.” – Lisa-Marie

“My neighbor, who we really don’t know as we’re new in the neighborhood, came by with his snowblower and did our driveway. We tried to pay him but he wouldn’t take it. We are so thankful for what he has done for us.” – Anita Stoffel

“Out on Berthel Road, our whole neighborhood got together and helped shovel everyone out.” — Norissa Stuhrberg

“I wanted to let you know about two people I work with, Josh and Donald. They took their private vehicles and were able to drive many nurses and other employees at Aspen Wind to work – most of the time even while they were at work. They would take anyone anytime, anytime. Josh was able to take me to and from work many times so I could make sure all my residents were fed. Without Josh and Donald, Aspen Wind would have been in really bad shape the past few days. Thank you Josh and Donald; They’re both rock stars.” – Aspen Wind Dining Services Director Michael Stromberg

“I had surgery about three weeks ago. On Sunday I noticed redness, but I put it down to removing some bandages. On Monday afternoon I noticed the color had changed dramatically and called my surgeon. After seeing a photo of what I was dealing with, she was convinced I had developed cellulitis – basically a staph infection – which can be fatal. She called my local pharmacy for a prescription and then we found out that literally every pharmacy in town was closed except for the one in the hospital. In order to get antibiotics from this pharmacy, I would have to be admitted. I had no way of getting around town as I’m not able to drive in the conditions we had then. Things were feeling pretty hopeless. I was alone – my daughter was with her father, my boyfriend was locked in his house across town and my father was not coming out of his house either. I literally sat in my living room and sobbed.

“My surgeon did not agree that I waited overnight to start taking these antibiotics. She asked me to ask my friends on Facebook to see if anyone had the antibiotics she recommended. Within 10 minutes of my post, I had dozens of comments and phone calls from people offering whatever they had in their medicine cabinets. But neither of them was right.

“Then I got a reply from Michele Bolkovatz, another Blue Federal credit union executive who had a full prescription for just the drug I needed! The challenge? She lived in the far north of the city and I live in the east, near King Soopers. She and her husband put their heads together and were pretty sure they could make it to my house in their big truck. Even so, they risked their lives to bring me potentially life-saving drugs. 30 minutes later I had the antibiotic in my hand and immediately took the first tablet. Within hours I could see an improvement.

“It was another 24 hours before I was able to fill my prescription and the antibiotics shared by Michele may have saved me from having another surgery. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I saw my doctor yesterday and there are positive signs I’m going to be okay.” – Lorrell Walter of Western Vista Credit Union

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