Another online borrower is ending life

A private worker who could not withstand the alleged harassment by microfinance app companies was able to kill himself on Saturday morning in his apartment in the village of Gundla Pochamma in Pet-Basheerabad in the Medchal-Malkajgiri district.

This is the fifth “forced suicide” in Telangana due to online lender harassment and public shame.

The victim, G Chandra Mohan, 36, got a personal loan from an app a few weeks ago, and in order to process it within the prescribed time of one week, he took out loans from several apps, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanarar said The Hindu.

Chandra Mohan took out a 70,000 yen loan from at least nine such apps and was unable to repay them. As a result, lenders branded him defaulting and repeatedly threatened him over the phone, he said.

The companies also called and sent messages to his relatives and friends defaming him, forcing the victim to take an extreme step, said Mr Sajjanar, adding that the borrowers harassed by the companies should contact the police and file a complaint rather than taking the extreme step.

His family members, who were in another room, found him hanging from a ceiling fan and informed the police, who in turn rushed to the scene and took the body to the morgue at Osmania General Hospital for autopsy.

Police said the victim first took out a loan two months ago and has been depressed about the harassment and public shame for the past 15 days. After learning of the police investigation into such cases, he contacted the Rachakonda police for advice, but to no avail.

“Also on Friday evening, his brother-in-law and other family members advised Chandra Mohan and assured him that he had found some money to pay off the debt,” the police quoted the family members of the victim as saying.

Chandramohan’s wife, Sarita, said the phone callers did not even spare her and verbally abused her. She told police that her husband had taken out several loans totaling 70,000 and paid about two lakh so far. But the app companies pressured him to pay more to give a clean shit.

In the event of emotional breakdowns at this Hyderabad-based Roshni suicide intervention center, someone can always be heard on: +914066202000 or 6666 1117.

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