A look at the global impact of the coronavirus

More than 1 million deaths worldwide from the corona virus. We look at where the pandemic is headed in big nations like India and Brazil.


dr Alain Labrique, Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Faculty of the Global Disease Epidemiology and Control Program of the Department of International Health. (@alabriqu)

Terence McCoy, Washington Post foreign correspondent, reporting on Brazil. (@terrence_mccoy)

dr Adeola OyenubiSenior Lecturer and Development Economist at the School of Economics and Finance, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Jean Drèze, Belgian-born Indian development economist. Visiting Professor in the Economics Department at Ranchi University.

From the reading list

Washington Post: “1 million dead” — “One million people have died from Covid-19. That’s as many as live in San Jose, California; Volgograd, Russia; or Qom, Iran.”

The guard: ““Death from structural poverty”: The US South is battling Covid-19” — “Just two years ago, Pamela Rush of Lowndes County, Alabama, traveled to Washington DC to testify before a panel of US lawmakers, describing the conditions of crippling poverty and predatory credit in a region still ravaged by generations racial inequality.”

Washington Post: “A disease. Two Brazilians.” — “Two men went to the hospital unsure if they would come back. It was April when Brazil’s worst fears about the novel coronavirus began to materialize. The disease had begun to kill across the country. Now it had come for her too.”

United States today: “Senegal’s quiet COVID success: test results within 24 hours, temperature checks in every store, no fights over masks” — “COVID-19 test results come back within 24 hours – or even faster. Hotels have been converted into quarantine units. Scientists are racing to develop a state-of-the-art, low-cost ventilator.”

The conversation: “COVID-19: How lockdown has affected the health of South Africa’s poor” — “The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant damage to lives and the economy in South Africa. But the impact of measures taken to combat the pandemic, such as lockdowns, has not been even.”

Wall Street Journal: “South Africa’s promise of racial equality is reeling amid a pandemic” — “Two in five black workers have lost their income during a month-long lockdown caused by the coronavirus. Police are tearing down shacks built on public land by people who can no longer pay the rent for their former homes.”

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